Don’t Forget to Bring…

I’ve forgotten to bring the same things time after time on my trips out to LRM, so I thought I’d share my quick list of nice-to-have (or must-have, depending on your mood or perspective!) items for a weekend in the woods:

  1. Coffee.  Duh.  And you’ll be hard pressed to come up with any within 20 miles if you forget.  I’ve had to cajole the convenience store operator to sell me a few bags of industrial coffee to get me through the weekend and want to help you avoid that!
  2. A plastic container or two is fantastic to have, because you’ll always have leftovers you’ll want to bring back home, rather than have to throw away.
  3. A book.  LRM is the perfect place to get immersed in a story amidst the peace and quiet all around you.
  4. Your favorite old CD that hasn’t gotten any attention in years.
  5. A bathing suit.  Or not.

Otherwise, we try to have everything you’ll need to have a wonderful experience.  And no, you definitely DON’T need dress shoes.  😉